The Progressive Agenda Crashes into Complexity

There's some irony in the fact that ObamaCare is hitting the wall at the precise moment that the incandescent bulb is being yanked off the market by government fiat -- but not as much as you might think. Their origins were quite distinct in time -- the bulb ban, buried within the "Energy Independence and Security Act," was passed in 2007, ObamaCare three years later. Both were subject to phased implementation, so as to not alarm the peasants.  Bulbs have been phased out over a two-year period, 75 to 100 watt last year and the lesser wattages now. ObamaCare was delayed for three years to allow for... development, I guess they called it.  But it's no real coincidence that these should be interwoven. There are so many such efforts in progress that it was inevitable that they would begin to cross each other's tracks. Even as those two were ripening, the destruction of the American coal industry is moving right along, a product of Obama executive decrees and EPA regulations....(Read Full Article)