The Myth of the Middle Ground

Are moderation and compromise good things?  It's worth pondering. No matter what your pet conservative issue is, there are always people eager to tell you to sit down with the other side, "build bridges," "open a dialogue," "listen," and "not demonize."  The people who say this usually state their pleas in vague terms.  More often than not they are trying to placate friends or co-workers who find something about conservatism unappetizing, or else they simply don't know very much on a specific topic and would rather not get "caught in the weeds" between two debaters who are well-informed. There are countless examples I could cite, but let me choose two specific ones, both people I like and admire: Jonah Goldberg and Bernard Goldberg.  They are bright and illuminating writers, but their recent statements on the need for civility exemplify the unproductive nature of calling for "all sides" to calm down and be less combative.  Jonah...(Read Full Article)