The Hallowed and Hollowed Constitution

The Constitution deserves its hallowed place in the nation's consciousness. Yet too often, those who invoke it completely disagree on what it says. How is it that the most important document in our government could be so ambiguous? How could it be that more than three hundred million Americans rely upon nine oracles to interpret it for us? The answer, ironically, is because we let the government hijack the Constitution. It will remain that way unless the states take it back. Party affiliation has largely ceased to matter in the government. What now matters is whether it's "our guys" in power. In 2003, when Republicans saw control of the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, the party of small government expanded federal control over a host of things, quite apart from the war. Six years later, when Democrats enjoyed the same triumvirate of power, they acted on ObamaCare to the delight of their base, but derelict in their legislative duty in that nobody...(Read Full Article)