The Grammy Cult Ceremonies

Most of the millions of Americans who tuned into the Grammy awards probably were expecting the program would be devoted to music. Silly us. As it turns out, what we were treated to were deeply religious ceremonies reflective of the most recent cultlike obsessions of Hollywood and the music industry. During one ceremony, it seemed the spirit of the now deceased cult leader Reverend Moon of Korea was reincarnated in the form of Queen Latifah, who conducted a mass wedding for gay and straight couples during the program. For those who don't recall, the good Reverend Moon was the cult leader who was infamous for holding mass weddings, one of the most illustrious of which was held in the Seoul Olympic stadium in 1992. Moon, who affected pseudo papal garb complete with his own version of the pontiff's mitre, held many tightly orchestrated mass wedding ceremonies. The cult leader, whose followers were irreverently named "Moonies," was born in North Korea and was obviously influenced by his...(Read Full Article)