The GOP Mulls Seppuku

See also: Boehner Courts a GOP Civil War Last summer, Ann Coulter, in her aptly titled column "If the GOP Is This Stupid, It Deserves to Die," addressed the Republican Party's dedication to winning the Hispanic vote by supporting amnesty for illegal aliens. She writes: Hispanic voters are a small portion of the electorate. They don't want amnesty, and they're hopeless Democrats. So Republicans have decided the path to victory is to flood the country with lots more of them!  It's as if Republicans convinced Democrats to fixate on banning birth control to win more pro-life voters. This would be great for Republicans because Democrats will never win a majority of pro-life voters, and about as many pro-lifers care about birth control as Hispanics care about amnesty.  My, what an uncomfortable vortex of logic this must have been -- had anyone in the Republican establishment been paying attention.  Obviously they weren't, because the GOP is now attempting to...(Read Full Article)