Sex, Politics, Scarlett Johansson, and the Middle East

Ever since the torrid romance between Anthony and Cleopatra in 41 B.C. sex and politics have been intertwined in Middle East affairs. A less romantic link has now appeared in the relationship between the actress Scarlett Johansson voted this year, for the second time, by Esquire Magazine as "the sexiest woman alive," and Oxfam, the international organization concerned with issues of global poverty and injustice. Oxfam has received much praise for what it has accomplished in fulfilling its started mission to provide international aid. That acclaim might well be reconsidered now that Oxfam has become a bigoted endorser of the Palestinian narrative of victimhood and of the call for boycott of Israeli settlements, and for its mean-spirited behavior toward Scarlett Johansson. The actress has been an ambassador for Oxfam for eight years but in 2014 has made a deal with and endorsed SodaStream, the Israeli company producing sodas and other carbonated drinks in its 25 factories around...(Read Full Article)