Seize 'Compassion' from the Left in 2014

Lest I get a letter from a Curia official on behalf of Pope Francis rebuking me for my effort to call out compassion this year, let me offer a quick explanation.  The call is for liberty-lovers to campaign against the left's cynical use of compassion.  Why, this should win favor from His Holiness, since Jesus Christ was foursquare against hypocrisy.        The left here and across the globe have profited handsomely for years from the hijacking of compassion and its misbegotten applications, in service far less to the unfortunate than in service to leftist power-building and grubby self-interest.  Compassion housed in big government can result in little more (ah, yes, there was Soviet mass murder and squalor). This being an election year, it's time to wrest "compassion" from the progressives (yet a further corruption of language, for what is "progressive" about the dark statist impulse?).  This isn't to suggest that the right try...(Read Full Article)