Schweitzer for President?

I have written before about the importance of conservatives using their superior numbers to do what the left has been doing for decade: fight within their opponents' base political party.  We ought to push within the Democratic Party candidates who are sympathetic to our ideals. Brian Schweitzer, the two-term governor of a Montana, a state which has gone Democrat in the presidential election only twice in the last sixty years, may be such a man.  Schweitzer is not a perfect conservative, but he is a principled opponent of much of the stupidity and wickedness that is entrenched leftism. He supports aggressive development of domestic energy, and he also understands the issues involved in energy policy.  He has been an aggressive defender of states' rights, displaying the sort of suspicion of Washington any good governor of Montana ought to have. Schweitzer has been a fiscal conservative not only in rhetoric, but in reality.  The voters of...(Read Full Article)