Obama's War Against the Elderly

It's hard enough being old, with your faculties declining as you become a prime target for scammers and hucksters. But to make matters worse, you are also being cheated and persecuted by your own government. I don't think "persecuted" is too strong a word. The present Democratic regime is throwing you under the bus, in favor of the young (and often unemployed) voting groups that they depend upon to keep them in power. And as to "cheating", bankers and financiers, whose ranks include greedy pillagers of retirement funds, are being joined by the government itself, which has developed its own methods of cheating. To begin with, you are probably aware that the nest-egg you saved is being undermined by inflation and lowered interest rates. But let's consider how much and why this has happened, by doing some arithmetic. Let S equal the best available FDIC-guaranteed interest in savings or CDs. Let F be the inflation rate. Therefore, in the course of a year, your savings account increases in...(Read Full Article)