Obama's Phony Indignities

How rich of President Obama to whine about the income gap widening -- a fissure that has burst wide under his watch due to his growth-stunting economic programs and stifling regulatory policies. Let no one accuse Obama of being a literary dwarf ignorant of hypocrites in song and sonnet; for the upcoming State of the Union he will don Moliere's inside-out hairshirt device from the biting 17th-century comedy Tartuffe. Obama will only pretend to endure vermin-infested coarse goatshair burlap around his loins -- we know that only silk boxers have the presidential seal. Obama the Pious will deliver another round of tedious baleful sermonizing, exhorting the virtues of enabling prosthetics that invite the dispossessed underclass -- anyone on the lower rungs of the economic ladder -- to find reasons justifying their dependence on the welfare state. To be sure, Obama's State of the Union will squander more time vilifying achievement and advocating government seizure of...(Read Full Article)