Obama's Phony Indignities

How rich of President Obama to whine about the income gap widening -- a fissure that has burst wide under his watch due to his growth-stunting economic programs and stifling regulatory policies. Let no one accuse Obama of being a literary dwarf ignorant of hypocrites in song and sonnet; for the upcoming State of the Union he will don Moliere's inside-out hairshirt device from the biting 17th-century comedy Tartuffe. Obama will only pretend to endure vermin-infested coarse goatshair burlap around his loins -- we know that only silk boxers have the presidential seal.

Obama the Pious will deliver another round of tedious baleful sermonizing, exhorting the virtues of enabling prosthetics that invite the dispossessed underclass -- anyone on the lower rungs of the economic ladder -- to find reasons justifying their dependence on the welfare state. To be sure, Obama's State of the Union will squander more time vilifying achievement and advocating government seizure of middle class aspirations, shrinking the economic pie even further, more than fulfilling his zero-sum projection of American opportunity.

We can also expect Obama to hastily depart the House chamber, as he jets off for another holiday vacation and golf junket, after rearranging the gold leaf spangles and lighting the adoration incense at one more lavish gala for the First Lady -- tapping taxpayers for sums that would make the Sun King, Louis XIV, blush. In the meantime the homeless in Lafayette Park across from the White House have overtaken every empty park bench.

Of course, the art of fabricating indignities is the one competency remaining for President Obama. Obama will appeal to every tear duct in the House chamber, while he reprises his own prescription for persistent economic wretchedness -- resentment, retribution, and redistribution.

Indeed, shouldn't we weep at the shame of statistical probabilities, the cause behind millions of normally distributed outcomes, including income? How heartwarming for Obama and likeminded professional victim-mongers assigning a moral scale to disparate but naturally occurring datum. The rest of us should be daily penitents to cure our callousness.

The political melodrama over income inequality was best summed up by Mark Twain thus: "There isn't a Parallel of Latitude but thinks it would have been the Equator if it had its rights". And it's so unfair that a degree of longitude at the equator is 69 miles wide while the same degree at the North Pole covers less than an inch. Oh, the indignity of geometric differentials.

Obama's latest ally, Bill de Blasio, newly elected Socialist Register mayor of New York, NY, presided over one of the more obscene inaugurals, sharing the podium with Malcolm X and Abbie Hoffman impersonators. Predictably evoking the horrors of income inequality, de Blasio wasted no time in promising more punishing taxes, and denying parole to any public school wretch yearning for school choice, a charter alternative, or vouchers for any independent school with a sliver of academic respectability. Akin to every other socialist dreaming of equality by shackling liberty, de Blasio and his progressive leeches will wake up astonished by the overnight flight of capital, both monetary and intellectual.

A lifelong Red Sox baseball fan growing up in the Peoples' Republic of Cambridge, de Blasio had a legitimate grievance, until 2004, as the Red Sox fruitlessly labored like indentured servants in the shadow of the Helios New York Yankees for 86 years before tasting a World Series championship victory. Now owned by the billionaire capitalist hedgemony-fund manager, John Henry, New England's Olde Towne Team can no longer claim to be the Boston Post Road waifs. Will de Blasio now shift his allegiance to the hapless Chicago Cubs, foreclosed from any World Series appearance since Teddy Roosevelt was president?

And how will de Blasio defend New York's own Bronx Bombers, whose franchise value of $2.3 billion must be equally repugnant alongside leftists' whipping boys such as Exxon-Mobil and Walmart. Of course there is no shame in the Yankees' accumulated wealth not only dwarfing the combined values of the bottom five Major League Baseball teams, but exceeding nearly ten times the net assets of the bankrupt City of Detroit, whose liabilities are now approaching $10 billion.

And there is no shame for the Yankees to sport the No. 1 MLB payroll of some $220 million, while its disgraced third baseman, doper Alex Rodriguez, rakes in one year more than the entire team on the have-nots Houston Astros.

And why be distressed over Hillary Clinton, prominently seated amongst Mayor de Blasio's courtiers, who deftly transformed $1,000 of cattle futures into $100,000 virtually overnight and now commands several hundred thousands in speaking fees while her downtrodden former constituents can barely afford bacon fat and whose devoted public school union monopolists eagerly churn out another generation of destitute know-nothings.

Income differentials and economic disparities are real enough, but so what? Moral constructs invented to ascribe motive to naturally occurring features of human life over millennia usually have a dubious sociopolitical spin. This is not to dismiss forced subjugation, poverty, slavery, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and feudal-style tenancy abuses. Yet progressives who now bleed so effusively in the crusade to end income inequality cannot cite a single piece of contemporaneous evidence where the improved fortunes of the so-called 1% are the fruits of actively stealing from everybody else.

On the other hand, Obama's own Federal Reserve monetary incontinence with near zero interest rates, spiking the rich/poor gap, has inflated the stock market but impoverished millions of fixed income seniors heretofore relying on respectable and secure U.S. Treasury securities. Now prudent savers are consigned to either pitiful rates of return or forced to abandon safety for high yielding junk bonds or an equities market already at its peak.

Income inequality provoked by Democrat Party government fiat is on display just a few hours drive from upper Manhattan along Route 17, tracing the boundaries of Pennsylvania and New York. While New York environmental geologist Gov Andrew Cuomo has banned natural gas fracking, his Tompkins, Broome, and Steuben counties suffer with persistent double-digit unemployment rates. Immediately across the 42 degree meridian, Tioga and Bradford counties, in the midst of the Pennsylvania Marcellus shale formation where drilling rigs are as commonplace as telephone poles -- ironically bearing its name from a town near Syracuse NY-- are seeing an employment boom with jobless rates dropping to 6% or lower.

In the face of so many media-promoted phony indignities, isn't it astonishing one group still believes that America is the land of opportunity. In fact nearly 40% of Mayor de Blasio's inhabitants -- mired in misery-are immigrants from every nation and corner of the globe.

At least no phony hairshirt for New York's immigrants, where upward mobility today is a good as it has been for at least 100 years. But for how long? That is the real State of the Union.

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