Obama Vacillates (Again) on Edward Snowden

In yet another astounding act of craven political cowardice last week, the Obama administration began walking back its tough stance on the traitor Edward Snowden.  Even as this happened, three of the highest-ranking Republicans in Congress revealed that Snowden could be a Russian spy, and both Snowden and Vladimir Putin promptly spit in Obama's eye. It was Eric Holder who was chosen to carry water for Obama in retreat.  He essentially told one of the worst American traitors since Benedict Arnold to give him a call, and they'd probably be able to work things out.  It's clear that the Obama regime is starting to realize that by prosecuting Snowden, it is reminding the world, and especially Americans, about the totalitarian surveillance measures it has been practicing ever since Obama came to power -- an issue that could come to a head right in the middle of the next presidential contest. In response, Snowden made his views on the United States perfectly...(Read Full Article)