Obama Syria Policy: Paying the Persecutors

Americans are being taxed to support jihadist groups in Syria who kill Christians. That's the inescapable conclusion brought to us in Washington by a delegation of Syrian Christians. Sponsored by the Westminster Institute, the Syrian Christian group is making the rounds in the nation's capital, trying to get U.S. Government officials to listen to their plight. The Syrian Christian delegation is itself a very ecumenical group. Catholics, Orthodox, and Evangelical Christians have not given up their ties to their own faith communities. Nor have they resolved all theological differences. But they have come together in what some have called "an ecumenism of the trenches." Subjected to murderous attacks by jihadists, these Christians are defending themselves. And they are also speaking out for their moderate Muslim neighbors. The Syrian Christians report having lived -- however precariously -- in this turbulent Middle East region for centuries. Their communities -- many of them -- date...(Read Full Article)