Nominating Our Democrat

The two major political parties' presidential nomination campaigns will begin before we know it.  The Republican nomination seems wide open, but Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton seems headed for a bloodless coronation.  It need not be so, and it should not be so. The left is a small fraction of the American electorate.  Gallup polls, for example, routinely show that except for one or two states, conservatives outnumber liberals in every state in the land, while at the same time party identification with "Republican" and "Democrat" is just about even.  Yet not only does the leftist minority within the Democrat Party utterly dominate that party, but, as Republicans rage about every four years, the left intrudes its unwelcome presence into the Republican Party presidential nomination as well, which is why the last strong and unapologetic conservative to win the Republican nomination was thirty years ago -- when President Reagan was re-nominated by his...(Read Full Article)