Liberals Double Down on Inequality

It was on December 4, 2013 that President Obama opened the Year of Inequality with his speech on economic mobility. A month later liberal hounds are baying for extended unemployment benefits and higher minimum wage, and conservatives are drawing up lists of what liberals know that ain't so. Here is John Hawkins' enumeration of how liberal inequality politics hurts the poor. 1. Minimum wage prices poor out of jobs. 2. Minimum wage makes people comfortable, not succeed. 3. More government equals more economic stagnation. 4. More inequality programs make it harder to get ahead. 5. Inequality politics ignores real causes of poverty. And here is John C. Goodman exposing "Five Myths about Inequality." 1. Average family income has stagnated. No it hasn't. 2. People at the bottom are there through no fault of their own. Except they don't get out and work much. 3. Transfer programs are an effective remedy for inequality. No, they discourage people from seeking work. 4. Raising minimum wage...(Read Full Article)