Liberalism in Brooklyn

I am watching them take my country from me -- the Obamas, the de Blasios, the Holders, the generic Democrats with their imaginary sincerity and their simplistic complaints about income inequality.  As if excellence and the ability to earn are wicked traits.  In the meantime, Obama and his ilk are living pretty well.  They are not sleeping in boxes on cold urban streets.  Like thieves in the night, they try to steal the votes from the poor so that they can live even richer lifestyles.  They pretend to identify with the middle class, as if their lifestyles and prestige even resemble such a thing as "middle class."  "Oh, the Republicans are rednecks and racists," says Josh, a Brooklyn liberal friend at Gleason's Gym whose southern grandfather was a member of the KKK. In Brooklyn, I am surrounded by liberalism's denizens, and I see their intellectual superficiality every day when I teach boxing at Gleason's.  The liberals...(Read Full Article)