Liberalism in Brooklyn

I am watching them take my country from me -- the Obamas, the de Blasios, the Holders, the generic Democrats with their imaginary sincerity and their simplistic complaints about income inequality.  As if excellence and the ability to earn are wicked traits. 

In the meantime, Obama and his ilk are living pretty well.  They are not sleeping in boxes on cold urban streets.  Like thieves in the night, they try to steal the votes from the poor so that they can live even richer lifestyles.  They pretend to identify with the middle class, as if their lifestyles and prestige even resemble such a thing as "middle class." 

"Oh, the Republicans are rednecks and racists," says Josh, a Brooklyn liberal friend at Gleason's Gym whose southern grandfather was a member of the KKK.

In Brooklyn, I am surrounded by liberalism's denizens, and I see their intellectual superficiality every day when I teach boxing at Gleason's.  The liberals here try to make themselves feel good about themselves by talking about their love for humanity while they undermine society and put salt on the wounds of divisiveness.  They throw cookies of self-approval to those knocked out by their policies.  They count them out while they pretend that they want to help the poor.

Liberals believe that conservative ideas are zombies, the walking dead.  They don't see that their naïve ideas make them like sophomoric girls on spring break in a boat: silly, but sincerely out to satisfy themselves.

While Obama parties in Hawaii, I box in Brooklyn.  I can probably write better than Obama.  Maybe not Bill Ayers, who tried to blow up the Pentagon and is accused of ghostwriting Obama's books.  If only I could speak as well as Obama, read the teleprompter as well.  I'd be all sunshine, too.  In Hawaii.  In make-believe.  In Never-Never Land.

How dare I compete with the president?  Well, he has diminished the office enough that there's room for angry men like myself.

Liberalism is cotton candy, pink and delicious.  It tastes good in your mouth, but once it's in the gut of your politics it teases your insides.

The Democrats dance a Fred Astaire waltz with communism like it is salvation.  One hundred million dead hanging on the red cross put up by the likes of Stalin and Mau.  Their patent leather shoes are twitching and dangling while America leans farther to the left and our freedom dies.

I run into a Republican friend, Frank, at Gleason's.  We step to the side so no one will hear us.  Republicanism has become a party of shame in a liberal-dominant culture like Brooklyn's.  We can't talk out loud in front of the opinionated liberals.  They swarm the floor like cockroaches.  The dirt of self-sustaining opinions covers them.

Frank says to me, "I can't  stand that de Blasio."

"He's a communist," I say.  "He makes Joseph McCarthy seem right.  And he was.  Alger Hiss's true colors showed up in the Venona Papers.  America has become a liberal offshoot of communism."

"There are going to be killings in the streets."

"Idiot de Blasio partied in the USSR during the Cold War and got married in Cuba.  Communism killed one hundred million people, and the liberals have adopted all their phony equality ideas."

"Shhh.  Jesse's coming in.  A big liberal.  Don't want him to hear."

The Republicans are like a cult.  We have become the minority, surrounded by liberals who are throwing tomahawks at us as they surround our wagon train with sloppy thought and conceited self-importance.   

Obama and his gang wander the halls of the White House with ideological guns, shouting against using weapons for self-defense, against the right to life, and against the energy of capitalism as they take aim at our country's two hundred and thirty-seven years of democracy.

Does anybody think the country will be better with wholesale abortion, children smoking marijuana, and gay marriage?  The road the Democrats are walking us down will end on the shoulder with a broken axel.

We have failed because we let Obama succeed.

We are as stupid as his results: a weak economy, a fragile military, and the wholesale sell-out of our social values to kiss the misbegotten on their foreign cheeks.  Mexico hardly allows an immigrant, while we let all Mexicans live here.  How generous.  How stupid and self-destructive.

It's funny to watch old white boys like Joe Biden hanging out with Obama, shooting himself in the foot.

When Biden laughed at Paul Ryan during the debate, he was laughing at you -- the voters, the suckers, the supporters of Obama's totalitarian arrogance in what was once a free country.

Yeah, Biden's Obama's boy.  He's real cool.  I could see him rapping with the homeboys. 

Well, Obama did win.  We lost.  Losing is everything.  Obama loses himself in the sleeve of his rhetoric.  He reads from an electronic gyp sheet.

We are gypped from success by his every artificial gesture.  Sadness is the situation of having elected a con man who has stolen the hearts of the naïve electorate. 

One thing I like about Gleason's Gym is that it is an enclave against the reality of cheap talk.  We fight there.  We don't make snide remarks, and one of the greatest thrills is taking a good punch, showing that you're man. 

Liberalism has lost its testosterone.  It doesn't want people to stand up and fight for self-improvement.  It wants to hold its hand out and give to people until there is nothing left to give.

It is bankrupting itself financially and morally.  It is a failed philosophy that is growing because people want to take the easy way out.  They want to get paid to do nothing.  They want to be totally permissive so they don't have to expend the energy to say that something is wrong -- that same sex-marriage is an historical contradiction, and that smoking pot can lead to no good except the gathering of the pothead vote. 

Liberalism dominates by curtailing free thought.  It does not allow contradiction.  It scorns conservative opinions.  It is a bully.  The very thing that liberalism pretends  to endorse, it hates.  It announces its love for mankind while it undermines it.  It is a charade. It is false. It is self-destructive.

Its poster boy used to be Stalin.  Now it is Obama.

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