How Leftists (Badly) Explain Climate Stability

Over geologic time, within a fluctuation of a few degrees, the Earth's climate has been moderate and stable.  The climate has long been similar to today's despite the fact that, in the past, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has typically been very much greater than it is today.  Why is this so?  No one knows.  That is what scientists should be trying to discover. The technical community is familiar with the concept of "black boxes."  The contents of a black box are, by definition, unknown.  What is known are the signals that go into the box and the results, or signals, that come out.  Over the years, some very sophisticated mathematical techniques have been developed to emulate the performance of various black boxes.  Really good emulation can easily fool people into believing that they understand what is taking place inside the box.  Physics gives examples.  We went to the Moon with...(Read Full Article)