Generation Games: Millennials and Hipster Hatred

As any scientist will tell you, a series of small problems can accumulate into a chaotic burden without a centralized agent.  The present economic straits of the WEIRD (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Developed) nations appear to be a ready example.  I would like to add another perspective to the platform of discussion from an unexpected source. Confession Time!  I'm a Millennial.  We hate hipsters too.  This got me thinking, since my generation has little else to preoccupy itself with in this economy.  The Millennials are quite a broad demographic of young and presently 'educated' people.  I am in my early twenties, for perspective, a prime candidate of the label.  A hipster, to us, denotes a lifestyle and mindset.  In generic terms, we classify them as: pompously overeducated and practically useless, obsessive about style and appearance over substantive invisible qualities such as work ethic and patience, with an...(Read Full Article)