Dinesh D'Souza was Right about Obama

See also Bill Ayers Fizzles at Dartmouth Debate with Dinesh D'Souza Dinesh D'Souza, the political commentator, author and movie-maker came under fire four years ago when he wrote a column for Forbes Magazine, "How Obama Thinks" that speculated President Obama saw the world as split in two: those nations who colonized and oppressed and the victim nations and people who were colonized and were the oppressed. D'Souza expanded on this theme in his blockbuster documentary 2016: Obama's America that -- despite or maybe because of -- its being a huge hit was snubbed by the Academy Awards. However it did win D'Souza a federal indictment for behavior that, if proven, earned merely a misdemeanor charge when a donor to John Edwards engaged in the same alleged fundraising violation. Was D'Souza right? Barack Obama certainly does not care for Winston Churchill who did inherit imperialistic dreams from his ancestors as D'Souza speculated Obama inherited the anti-imperialistic dreams of his...(Read Full Article)