Did Susan Rice Really Lie?

Maybe that Mohammed video did, in fact, play a part in last year's attack on the Special Mission Compound in Benghazi after all. Most of the detractors of the serving of tripe dished out by the Times over last weekend believe that its author, David D. Kirkpatrick, was used by the Administration to spread its version of the event and/or that the piece is, in effect, a "Hillary '16" campaign document. And, almost every detractor forcefully disagrees with the contention that: "...the savage ambush...was part of a 'spontaneous uprising....because of a hitherto obscure internet video that portrays Mohammed as a corrupt sexual predator." In Renee Nal's commentary on Kirkpatrick's piece she points to an "interesting and thoughtful" post by Lee Stranahan* on the video. In that post, Stranahan says: "... it's been an article of faith for most critics...that...[it] wasn't a factor in the attack....This is a mistake. There's actually ample proof that [it] was...." He cites...(Read Full Article)