Destroying Syrian Chemicals at Sea

Are you ready for an experiment? The U.S. government is about to try something never before undertaken, utilizing equipment never before used under these circumstances. Are you ready for the first stab at neutralizing chemical weapons at sea, on a ship not designed for that purpose, using downsized machinery intended for the stability of land-based operations? Are you comfortable? CNN's Christiane Amanpour -- a woman with a limited understanding of sovereignty, it appears -- wrote this week, "No countries wanted to destroy Syria's chemicals on land, so the UN is doing it at sea." No. The UN is not destroying Syrian chemical weapons at sea; the United States is doing it at the behest of the UN. The MV Cape Ray, a transport and humanitarian-response vessel owned by the U.S. Maritime Administration will be the platform. The MV Cape Ray is, generally, an insertion ship -- it has taken surge weapons to troops in Iraq, and humanitarian supplies to Haiti after the earthquake and...(Read Full Article)