Democrats Are Playing the Knockout Game

It's no wonder there's been so little outrage from the Left over the phenomenon known as the Knockout Game. The Left loves the game and is increasingly expert in knocking out conservative opposition with one swift and lethal blow to the head of any and all who oppose progressivism. We on the right have seen a rapid succession of punches aimed at taking down everyone and everything conservative. Whether it is potential presidential candidates or conservative organizations like the Tea Party, the aim is the same. Go in from behind in packs and sucker punch the unwitting victims, using governmental entities such as the IRS, the DOJ, or state AGs to deliver the fatal strikes. It's clear the end game has a dual purpose: Get potential presidential competitors out of the game and provide distractions from the deep and dangerous scandals afflicting the Obama administration. The attacks against "enemies" like the Tea Party also provide additional and convenient diversions that channel...(Read Full Article)