Chris Christie and the Elusive Moderate Vote in 2016

Recently, Republican governor Chris Christie has come under fire for his alleged involvement in a traffic crisis caused by lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, supposedly predicated on some bitter revenge plot meant to punish a political opponent. Now, he's making headlines and under intense scrutiny as the subject of a federal probe regarding a $25 million advertising campaign in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last year. It's not surprising that the media is capitalizing on an opportunity to paint a prominent Republican in a negative light.  We've come to expect no less when they smell blood in the water.  But still, there seems to be something more to this than the usual mudslinging the media's wont to do. The media narrative surrounding the alleged Christie scandal, given his apparent popularity with the political center, is that it is particularly detrimental for the right -- something of a preemptive eulogy for Republicans' election hopes.  There seems...(Read Full Article)