Bridging the Obamacare, IRS, and Benghazi Scandal Gap

My neighbor Professor Zigmund Bensky, stopped in to thaw out. It seems that with all the stuff occupying his big brain -- like "why is 'settled science' like 'established law'?" he'd forgotten to pay his gas bill. While he was waiting for the gas company to turn his heat back on, I offered him a spot near the fireplace and some libations to warm him up. He's a professor of journalism at Whackadoodle School here in the District of Columbia, a place that attracts ambitious, earnest young people who "want to make a difference" without working too hard at it. He's a nice enough fellow and a decent neighbor but we rarely see eye to eye. I generally try to stick to nonpolitical things with him, but he was not to be muzzled this day, brimming as he was with outrage at reports that Chris Christie's aides manipulated bridge traffic to punish the governor's political opponent. "Terrible stuff," he humphed, downing a huge gulp of my best scotch. "How can he claim he didn't know?" "My own view is...(Read Full Article)