Boehner Courts a GOP Civil War

See also: The GOP Mulls Seppuku If you can't win, flee. Heck, if you won't even try to win, retreat. You can't make this stuff up. A day after President Obama's rousing State of the Union address to an enthralled nation, House Republicans skedaddled to Maryland's Eastern Shore. They went to crack crabs, swill cold microbrews, talk issues, yuck it up with lobbyists, and concoct more legislative "strategy." Heck, there's got to be more than one way to capitulate on measures the size of the Farm Bill? Come to think of it, there is. In the vernacular, it's called "immigration reform," which when all the layers of rhetorical garbage are peeled off, is nothing more than a route to legalizing the illegal. But Speaker Johnny Boehner and gaggles of business interests hanker to legalize our illegal amigos, so Boehner, the dutiful, if plodding, golf buddy wants to see if he can cajole and arm-twist his fellow retreaters to go his way. But the speaker's way on immigration reform is simply...(Read Full Article)