Barack Obama's Foreign Policy: An Utter Failure

Looking back on President Obama's foreign policy, many wonder what the "Obama Doctrine" actually means.  He is inconsistent and appears to be weak in the eyes of the world.  Although his rhetoric tries to state otherwise, al-Qaeda is re-emerging, Iran seems to have its way with this administration, and the president has allowed Russia as well as China to become obstructionists.  American Thinker interviewed intelligence experts to comment on this administration's foreign policy.  In a major foreign policy speech, while running for president in July 2008, candidate Obama outlined his goals: "Instead of alienating ourselves from the world, I want America -- once again -- to lead ... I will focus this strategy on goals essential to making America safer: ending the war in Iraq responsibly; finishing the fight against al-Qaeda and the Taliban; securing all nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists and rogue states; achieving true energy security;...(Read Full Article)