Asking the Right Questions about Pot

He was in high school and quite brilliant. The kind of kid who didn't pick up a book all year and aced all of his honors and AP tests -- in complex subjects like Physics. He was also musically gifted. But he couldn't stop smoking weed. The school and his parents did all they could; he even took up sports so he wouldn't go home after school and smoke. The more he smoked, the more he slacked off, the less frequently he attended class, did his work, and participated in class. They finally expelled him. He was last seen walking on 101 in the wee hours of the morning on meth, punching and flailing at the police who pulled over to see if he was okay. #     #     # I typed his papers in college -- mostly for his philosophy and intellectual history classes. It's how I earned extra cash. He'd call me up -- completely wasted -- at the last minute and ask me to type his works of art, works of brilliance. He'd really nailed it this time. He was...(Read Full Article)