A Few Easy Tests to Debunk Global Warming Hysteria

Global warming advocates went to Antarctica to prove that Antarctic sea ice had disappeared because of man.  They got stuck in ten foot thick sea ice they knew wasn't there.  The rescue ship was also stuck for a while, but it was eventually able to back out to safer water. This all happens in the heat of summer.  A hundred years ago, the entire region, right up to the shore, was completely clear of ice.   Oh, the irony!   Given the embarrassment of such "political" scientists, it is worth examining the issue: does man have a major impact on the climate? How does a physicist, such as myself, address this topic?  I look at the physical evidence and see what it says. Let's start with the computer models.  How well do the warming models predict?  Climate models predicted that we would now be experiencing an exponential rise in Earth's temperature.  Unfortunately, for the last seventeen...(Read Full Article)