2014: Let's Change the Climate

Watching both ObamaCare and the good ship Akademik Shokalskiy crash on the shoals of reality, I think it would take a heart of stone not to laugh at the misadventures of Australian climate scientist Chris Turney, who headed that misbegotten adventure in Antarctica, and Barack Obama, whose signature legislation is proving a rolling, unending debacle. Two luftmenschen brought down to earth with a crash. Just as we are forced by federal law to give up incandescent bulbs for lesser alternatives to save carbon, fifty-two adventurers set off on a doomed expedition to prove a falsity: that the ice cap in the Antarctic is melting because of greenhouse gases. Professor Turney, like many climate hucksters, has a financial stake in proving carbon fuels are frying the globe. As he describes himself: "Professor of Climate Change at the University of University of New South Wales where my team and I are focussing our efforts on using the past to better understand the changes we are seeing today....(Read Full Article)