Vladimir Putin and Edward Snowden: Best Buddies

By a margin of two to one or better, Americans believe that Edward Snowden is traitor, not a hero, who did serious damage to, rather than helping, the people of the United States.  Americans do not consider him worthy of amnesty in return for his assistance; rather, he should be apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. By harboring this malignant fugitive, Russia is committing an act of war against the USA.  And that's just the way proud KGB spy Vladimir Putin likes it. The latest poll regarding American attitudes toward their treacherous countryman clearly shows condemnation of Snowden's misconduct, but Russians continue to offer Snowden aid and comfort because their hatred of America and her values trumps even self-preservation instincts.  The American economy is eight times larger than Russia's, and America is part of the mighty NATO alliance, whereas Russia has virtually no allies at all.  Yet the Kremlin is still...(Read Full Article)