There is a Better Way

The criticism by John Boehner and Paul Ryan of conservative groups who opposed their bipartisan budget deal should cause all Americans who want smaller government, more freedom, less control, and lower taxes to seek a better way. All of those involved are using the adversarial approach to decision-making. The foundation of this approach is the dialectic, which requires continual debate, struggle, and conflict between competing theses. Since the outcome, under the adversarial approach, must be a specific solution, that is, a synthesis of deep-seated disagreements, it requires individuals to compromise on principles and to reject those who stand firm on their principles. Also, this synthesis results in ever-greater centralization of power and an increase in the size of the governmental bureaucracy. Most politicians, lawyers, and academics think in terms of the adversarial approach since they expect a definitive resolution of the disagreements. Stability through Equilibrium (StE) There...(Read Full Article)