The Road to Genocide is Paved with Liberal Intentions

With all the recent talk about Nelson Mandela the myth and the modicum of talk about Mandela the man, it's a good opportunity to discuss another myth: that of apartheid. Oh, I know, modernist dogma dictates we behave not just as if the South African system Mandela so stridently fought was not only unsustainable, but also completely unfathomable. After all, the idea of second-class status for any group is anathema to Westerners (unless it happens to be non-Muslims in Islamic lands, of course). I was just a teenager when world pressure to end apartheid started to reach a fever pitch. My immediate reaction was that the intended outcome -- universal suffrage and black majority rule -- was crazy. Don't misunderstand me, as I believed that perpetuating apartheid was morally problematic and unrealistic. Yet I also said that the end result of the world's little plan for SA would be the extermination of the whites. So I drew a logical conclusion: the country should be partitioned. With the...(Read Full Article)