The Psychobabble Bubble

Those looking for symptoms of cultural lunacy never have far to look.  Two recent examples tell the tale.  A six year old from Colorado was suspended from public school for kissing a classmate's hand.  Never mind that the little girl was flattered and not offended.  Nonetheless, by a teacher's reading of school rules, the lad was guilty of "sexual harassment," a verdict that was downgraded to "misconduct" only after a national uproar.  It's never too early to sexualize or criminalize childhood in public schools these days. Meanwhile out in California, a troika of progressive judges is flushing hard core adult felons back onto the street, with the inevitable rise in crime that brings.  The major concern of court oversight seems to be prison overcrowding, as if hot bunks were never part of the prison ambiance.   God forbid that some convict should feel confined in prison.  And never mind that most recidivists get three squares, air...(Read Full Article)