The Fight For Hearts And Minds

The dark influence of progressivism grows day by day, as those on the left fully realize the extent to which they have been given license to force their worldview on the rest of us. In the name of "equality," "fairness," or "rights," the left's euphemisms for social deconstruction, they act in ways consciously designed to weaken or destroy moral order. Racially-motivated crime spirals upward, enabled by officials who have expressly refused to hold blacks to account for criminal wrongdoing motivated by race. Illegal immigrants are considered virtuous and deserving of entitlements and rights that even native-born Americans do not possess Thw sexual preferences of a minuscule minority of the country have become so awe-inspiring to the left that the act of gay persons choosing with whom to have sex has elevated them to heroic status, while making anything other than a ringing endorsement of their choices punishable by censorship and bans. Opinions are permitted as long as they promote the...(Read Full Article)