The Cloistered Acres

The Obama administration has once again pivoted to the economy in yet another attempt to distract Americans from the disaster that is the "Affordable" Care Act. This time, the economic message is wrapped in the rhetoric of income inequality, yet once again we confront the classic two-faced program of lauding equal opportunity but measuring equal outcomes. So let's get ahead of the news cycle and examine several fundamental economic ideas. These ideas never see the light of day because they are common sense and ultimately run contrary to the Obama administration's intended narrative. An Economic Law of Gravity First and foremost we need to recognize what amounts to an economic law of gravity: The consumer always pays! As many of the affluent are now finding out with ObamaCare, this is where the buck stops. It sounds simple and straightforward, like Herbert Stein's law that what can't go on forever, won't go on forever, however, like Stein's caveat, this simple, immutable economic...(Read Full Article)