Sex, Lies, and ObamaCare

Before "if you like your plan, you can keep it," the Obama left made a whole spate of false promises in the realm of sexuality. It's worth connecting the dots between the folly of ObamaCare, an issue for which I wasn't personally on the front lines, and the sweeping folly of sexual radicalism, an issue for which I was. In the rhetorical battlefield over sex and sexuality, the left rehearsed and perfected public-opinion warfare.  These seasoned tactics led to the triumphal hubris of ObamaCare and the collateral damage of its inexorable implosion.  Pick your antique allegory of overconfidence: the Tower of Babel, King Midas, Agamemnon, Icarus, Phaethon, Prometheus.  Old lessons are usually learned the hard way. When I refer to radical experiments, I do not strictly mean "ligbitist" or LGBT ideology. The Sexual Revolution, no-fault divorce, artificial reproductive technology, commercialized adoption, aggressive abortion funding, egg harvesting, sexual...(Read Full Article)