Obama Meets King Charles

Consider the parallel between President Barack Obama and the seventeenth-century king of England, Charles I (1624-1649). King Charles followed Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Queen Elizabeth -- the first of whom started a "universal faith" for England, with the latter two propagating it. Henry the VIII started a fight with the Catholic Church, declared himself the winner, and created new rules governing Christianity.  Henry's son, Edward VI, also believed in his divine right to govern the church, but his controlling advisors convinced him to delay the issue.  And after Edward, Queen Elizabeth took her royal position by re-authorizing The Act of Uniformity, which provided detailed written instructions for conducting identical church services allowing only a divergence of two sentences for any ceremony.  Pastors and parishioners were, in effect, told how to pray. During Edward's and Elizabeth's reigns, those "universal rules" (The Act of Uniformity) were...(Read Full Article)