Obama Is Tearing America Apart

On November 25th, New York Post columinist Michael Goodwin, an Obama backer turned critic, published "Obama's Failed Promise to Heal a Polarized Nation." Goodwin wrote that, "Obama's promise to heal a polarized nation has proven to be as big a lie as his promise that you can keep your health insurance." He added that, "America is now so divided and demoralized that there is no hope Obama can fix it." Moreover, "[a]s last week proved, he doesn't even pretend to try any more." The last reference was to Obama's complicity in Harry Reid's coup in the Senate that severely curtailed the filibuster, thus seriously weakening the Republican minority's ability to thwart Obama's increasingly tyrannical tendencies. Once upon a time, Obama promised to close America's partisan, ideological, racial, etc. divisions. Proving that the will-to-believe is powerful, some conservative pundits wanted to cut Obama some slack after he was elected in 2008. (For Peggy Noonan, this continued...(Read Full Article)