Nothing Unique about Bashir

There has been much ado about MSNBC anchor Martin Bashir's contemptible attack on Sarah Palin, which has now resulted in Bashir resigning from the left wing network. But to those of us who write from the right his remarks are anything but unique. Despicable remarks are hurled at us all the time and the only difference about the Bashir flap is that ours usually come anonymously via email or snail mail. In my experience, the most hateful responses I've ever received are for columns addressing either gay rights or radical Islam. In 2007, I wrote a column for the New York Sun titled Madrassa Plan Is Monstrosity in which I objected to a proposed Arab language public school in Brooklyn.  Ground Zero was still a huge hole in the ground and the principals involved in the school had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The column created quite a furor. I received an invite from CNN to go on the Paula Zahn show but I was in no mood to butt heads with the mainstream media. I had been...(Read Full Article)