Lone Survivor: Courage in Afghanistan

We've all heard the condemnation of American military brutality from the left. But the same critics are largely silent about the opposite message of Lone Survivor, the new war film about American special warriors scheduled soon for general release. The movie tells the story of a four-man SEAL team on secret mission in Afghanistan who, despite the obvious danger, allow a Taliban warrior to go free rather than do what would save their lives -- execute him as pragmatic survival doctrine dictates. They make the humane choice and, sure enough, they pay the price. As a result of their fateful decision, three out of the four die in violent fashion -- one by one, riddled with rifle and machine gun fire, sliced and chunked by grenades and rockets, and beaten bloody by the rocky terrain and cliffs they are fighting to survive and prevail in. Did they make the right decision? That's for the viewer to decide. But after viewing this film, you won't say they are brutes. They are strong,...(Read Full Article)