Jeffrey Sachs: Socialism and Sanctimony

Jeffrey Sachs is a famous Columbia University Professor. In his book, The Price of Civilization, Sachs shows that he has a real grudge against the rich.  He doesn't like "unaffordable tax cuts ... tax cuts for the rich cuts on higher incomes cuts for the wealthy ... tax cuts for the richest Americans ... tax cuts at the top" or "immoral tax cuts."   This is a bit strange since Sachs himself is surely rich.  He lives in a townhouse in Manhattan and sends his daughter to a private school that costs $41,000 a year.  Maybe he approves of rich professors but not rich capitalists. Sachs is furious that "careful work" carried out by "scientific academies" is ignored and that "expertise is ignored." Jeffrey Sachs is a professor and he wants the government to pay more attention to professors.  The wealthy universities and research organizations that employ professors don't need tax cuts because they pay no tax.  Not only do they not pay...(Read Full Article)