How the GOP Can Repeat 1994, Thanks to Harry Reid

Harry Reid's ham-fisted action to curb the filibuster of presidential appointment creates an enormous political opportunity for Republicans in 2014.  As more than one pundit has noted, ending the filibuster for nominations means that a Senate Republican majority can end the filibuster for legislation as well, and Reid has removed the political cover for Democrats who would have used the filibuster to block Republican initiatives. What we have today bears remarkable similarities to the Republican tidal wave twenty years ago, in 1994.  Newt Gingrich and other House Republicans tested with polling data the most telling weaknesses of Democrats on policy issues, and from that, they produced the "Contract With America." The Contract was emphatically not a promise that Republicans would be able to pass into law (or into constitutional amendment) the ten items on the list.  What Gingrich rather promised was that if Republicans ran the House of Representatives,...(Read Full Article)