How Obama ran down the nuclear doomsday clock

Americans don't pride themselves on acts of treachery, but there are times when we as a nation have betrayed people. We abandoned our own Ambassador and staff in Benghazi to protect Obama's political fortunes in the last election. In Vietnam, a Democratic Congress cut off funding to millions of our South Vietnamese allies, and we saw desperate people clinging from the last helicopters lifting up from the roof of the US Embassy, trying to escape Ho Chi Minh's death camps. In the Bush years, the Democrats first voted to invade Saddam Hussein's Iraq and then colluded with the left-run media to stab George W. Bush in the back. Obama was elected after the anti-Bush hate campaign. Today's self-proclaimed "liberals" are not the old, anti-communist liberals of the Democratic Party. Today they are a hard-left network, so that Communists like Bill De Blasio are enthusiastically endorsed by the New York Times to take over the city of New York. Well, New York deserves what it's bound to get. ...(Read Full Article)