How Obama ran down the nuclear doomsday clock

Americans don't pride themselves on acts of treachery, but there are times when we as a nation have betrayed people. We abandoned our own Ambassador and staff in Benghazi to protect Obama's political fortunes in the last election. In Vietnam, a Democratic Congress cut off funding to millions of our South Vietnamese allies, and we saw desperate people clinging from the last helicopters lifting up from the roof of the US Embassy, trying to escape Ho Chi Minh's death camps. In the Bush years, the Democrats first voted to invade Saddam Hussein's Iraq and then colluded with the left-run media to stab George W. Bush in the back. Obama was elected after the anti-Bush hate campaign.

Today's self-proclaimed "liberals" are not the old, anti-communist liberals of the Democratic Party. Today they are a hard-left network, so that Communists like Bill De Blasio are enthusiastically endorsed by the New York Times to take over the city of New York. Well, New York deserves what it's bound to get.

Somehow the left always loves to betray good and decent people, including mainstream Americans. It has to be an acquired taste; most of us just don't get it, because we underestimated the extent to which the left has become a delusional cult. Cults cannot be fixed by rational argument. They first have to run into disaster, and then some of the members might be saved. Or not. In the case of the Soviet Union, for example, the Party apparatchiks in the 1980s had no idea that their propaganda paradise was going to crumble by 1991. They were immune to the truth, since everybody was forced to lie to everybody else merely to survive. Such is America's liberal party cult today.

Obama is a hard-faced radical leftist. He is not a nice man, but he plays one on TV. Obama does a terrific "reasonable professor" act, always with the identical acting tricks: That smile, the baritone voice, that little catch in the throat before he trots out today's prepared lie.

But behind the scenes, Valerie Jarrett does the rough stuff, like Haldeman and Erlichman did for Nixon. ValJar negotiated with the Iranian mullahs to a complete Western surrender, a Munich Pact for the 21st century. But then Ms. Jarrett grew up in Iran, and the current surrender talks indicate that her real sympathies always go to the radical, violent Muslim fascists, not to modern-minded Muslims like General Al Sisi in Egypt and the Green Movement in Tehran. Obama and ValJar have consistently violent radicals in the Muslim world. In Syria today we are supplying the largely al Qaida rebellion against Assad. In world affairs, America has surrendered to the dark side.

Yet the worst betrayal -- by far -- has been Obama's enabling of full Iranian nuclear development, now about 36 days from 90% nuclear enrichment.

Every American president since Harry S Truman has opposed the spread of nuclear weapons to regimes mad enough to use them. Before his death in 1953, Jozef Stalin was threatening to start a worldwide nuclear conflict, as Hitler and Japan would have done had they possessed nuclear weapons. After Stalin, the US and USSR arrived at a standoff, since rational nuclear powers never use suicidal weapons of mass destruction. Liberals choose never to understand this very simple point, but the US-USSR nuclear standoff preserved the peace in the world after the 1950s. Nobody wants to use them. Nuclear weapons are exclusively weapons of last resort.

Enter Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who did nothing while the suicide-preaching fanatic, Ayatollah Khomeini, overthrew the moderate and modernizing regime of the Shah. Khomeini fought Saddam Hussein in a war that killed one million people, using suicide charges conducted by teenage martyrs on motor bikes to explode Saddam's mine fields, equipped only with green plastic signs proclaiming "Key to Paradise."

Iran's leadership today came of age in that war, including Ahmadinejad and Rouhani --- our New York Times-proclaimed smiling mullah just a few weeks ago. Rouhani negotiated with ValJar, Obama's Iranian-born alter ego, to surrender to Iranian nukes. Simply look at the facts. It's as plain as the nose on your face.

And here we are today. Israel is the most prominent hate target of the Iranian suicide cult, but Arabs and Persians (like the Chinese and Russians) are experts in the art of deception, just like liberals are expert in self-deception. Iran's daily chant of "Death to Israel! Death to America!" leaves no doubt who the Great Satan is: It is the United States of America. Israel is only a target of opportunity on the way to world conquest, the ancient dream of radical Islam.

As the Muslim Brotherhood slogan proclaims, "Our ambition is to die in the way of Allah!" -- through violent jihad around the globe. It's happening right in front of our eyes. Just watch the slaughter of the Christian village children in Amaloulah in Syria, where people still speak the language of Jesus, Aramaic. It just happened again in the mall massacre in Nairobi, Kenya, where the bodies of beheaded children were shown on camera, to terrorize other Africans and whites. We can no longer blame the liberal media for blinding us to the reality of murderous jihad. The news photos and videos are all over the web, if you can stand to watch them.

Obama has therefore deliberately run out the doomsday clock. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists official Doomsday Clock still stands at five minutes to midnight, but being liberals, the Bulletin will only update the clock when another Republican is elected to the White House, and Obama will never be blamed. In fact, it is Jimmy Carter and B.H. Obama who have now the clock to seconds before midnight.

This is the greatest betrayal since Communist Party members penetrated the Manhattan Project and gave US atomic bomb plans to Stalin. Obama came out of the hardest fringe of the hard left and has always been surrounded by them. ValJar comes from a mixed Islamophile and hard left background. Obama told the Israelis and the Saudis to back off Iran for five whole years while the mullahs were sprinting to nuclear weapons. They knew exactly what they were doing.

Obama's goal was to confront Israel with an impossible choice between attacking Iran on its own, and surrendering to both a nuclear Iran and a Palestinian land grab that would turn Israel into a gerrymandered salamander.

Some of my American Thinker commentators seem to think that the United States can really withdraw from the world without disastrous results that will hit us right here at home. Even conservatives are enticed by the isolationist fantasy, which worked so well for America in the 19th century -- surrounded East and West by two vast oceans, and bounded on the North and South by weak and pacific neighbors. But the time for American isolationism is now long gone. It disappeared with World War I and II, and today, Iranian ICBMs can land on your front steps, complete with miniaturized nuclear weapons.

Don't ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.

The Saudis and Egyptians are now buying nukes and missiles from Pakistan, North Korea, and indirectly, from China and Russia.

Obama has destroyed the 60-year Pax Americana that has kept the peace in the world since Stalin exploded his first nuclear weapons.

In the UK Telegraph Charles Moore asks

"...what, in (Obama's) five years or so, has actually happened? Broadly speaking, the governments and people which most closely identified with the United States have lost out. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the Gulf States, Turkey and Israel are feeling sore. Regimes, like Mubarak's Egypt, which had put all their eggs in the American basket, then found them (broken). Many fell. In the Far East, old US allies feel inadequately protected from the rising power of China, and in Africa that same rising power has been left free to buy the place up. ...Even western Europe feels neglected."

Maybe "panicked" is more accurate than "neglected." If Europe isn't panicked today it's only because it is still in deep denial. They are socialists, after all.

Europe has squandered its military under the fixed delusion that America would always be there to protect them from the big bad wolves. Their whole delusional ruling class is based on that secret premise.

In world affairs huge changes can happen quickly, after explosive cracks in the structure of peace build and build over decades. The Arab Spring destroyed thirty-year stable governments from Tunisia and Libya to Egypt and Yemen, with Saudi Arabia itself now under huge pressure to crack. The Soviet Empire crumbled in only a year or two, after seventy years of increasing power, supported by a domestic reign of terror. China did so likewise. Today, North Korea could collapse in a matter of weeks.

Under Obama, Pax Americana is now being dismantled, piece by piece, all around the world.  Japan is re-arming, because they can see the writing on the wall. China is making fast imperialistic grabs before the next US president comes to office. Europe still lives in self-aggrandizing delusion. Transnationalist power classes everywhere are celebrating the Era of Obama, not understanding that great destruction will come before any new international order -- and that transnational elites are not likely to win against Chinese, Russian, Iranian and Sunni imperialism, all armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction.

Our liberal foreign policy elites are deaf, dumb and blind -- which happens often to brain-locked elites before they crumble.  Before the disaster of World War I, the British, French, Russian, and Austro-Hungarian empires were filled with arrogance and self-glorification. Then they fell apart in the industrialized trench warfare that destroyed a whole generation in Europe, bringing the United States to world preeminence for the first time.

One of the architects of liberal foreign policy is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who distinguished himself again last week by advising Obama that the US Air Force should shoot down Israeli planes trying to set back Iran's nuclear weapons. We are now protecting the suicide cult of the mullahs instead of trying to defeat it. It was Zbig Brzezinski who was in charge when Jimmy Carter's betrayed modernizing Muslim ally, the Shah of Iran, in 1978. It was ZB who has been rationalizing and defending that massive act of betrayal against a strong ally who helped to bring peace and modernity to the Middle East -- just like Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak did until Obama pushed over the strongest pillar of Western defense in that region. Muslims and Israelis alike are learning to treat the United States as a potential enemy, at least under Democratic presidents.

Under the sway of leftist delusions, a sane and decent American foreign policy which worked since 1917 has now collapsed.

Nobody in the US foreign policy power structure today seems to have thought through to the inevitable consequences. They are living in Lala land, just as surely as ObamaCare's architects were. Our chattering left lives in a cult of self-congratulatory fantasy. They are as well-armed against reality as the Last Empress of China, living in her palatial compound in Beijing while growing her blackened fingernails to the size of curly hoops and pretending that China wasn't breaking down into terminal weakness, only to be awakened by a sadistic Imperial Japan and the vengeance of Mao Zedong.

Human political establishments quickly turn into cults, protected from reality. Under our left-controlled mass media, the United States and Europe look like a brain-locked cult, unable to see rising dangers that are obvious to everybody else.

History will see Obama, not as the Messiah of the Age of Aquarius, but as the last doomed Empress of the West, performing her ritual dance to the warm applause of the Imperial court while outside the walls grinning legions of barbarians are preparing to strike down the whole Empire.

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