'Happy Holidays?' But I Only Celebrate One

Growing up in New York, I loved the week before Christmas vacation (yes, that is what it was called) in elementary school. We would make Christmas and Hanukkah decorations for our classrooms and then the day before vacation, all the classes would congregate in the main hallway, and we would sing Christmas carols and Hanukkah songs. We played dreidel for gelt (Hanukah chocolates). We shared what toys we were hoping to receive. We were encouraged to share our beliefs and traditions while celebrating our differences. I believe we were better for it; we were more connected. My best friend at the time was Jewish. I loved learning about the Menorah, chuckling with my friend about her family's "Hanukkah bush" decorated with lights and truth be told was a little jealous that my friend got presents for eight days and I only got them on one. But then she confessed to me that she was jealous of all the presents stacked under our Christmas tree because she only got one present a day. That...(Read Full Article)