Global Warming Gone AWOL

On Tuesday morning, Bostonians awakened to a temperature of 9 degrees, with a predicted high of 23.  Another 5 inches of snowfall was expected.  Obviously, it was the result of global warming. It's not just Boston.  So far this year, the entire eastern two thirds of the country has experienced one of the coldest autumns on record, and winter has not even begun. It was the same last year, and has been for much of the past decade.  On balance, temperatures have been colder than normal for most of the country.  Yet the media is fixated on reports of polar ice shrinking (it expanded this year, with Antarctic sea ice increasing to a 35-year high) and superstorms threatening America's coastal communities (in fact, no major hurricane has struck the U.S. since Wilma in 2005 -- "superstorm" Sandy being an "extra-tropical cyclone" not of hurricane strength). Ensconced in their comfy New York studios, or traveling to more glamorous locales,...(Read Full Article)