Faith within Science

For quite some time, science has been presented to the public in a distorted way.  Reports of statements by scientists are often stated as absolutely certain truths, never mentioning any doubts or questions.  Seldom do reporters inquire about how they became so certain, why they have such high confidence. That image simply isn't true.  A major disconnect exists between what really happens and reported science.  Real science is always subject to revision, never "absolutely final."  In everyday conversation, a person might say "I'm absolutely certain about that" but among responsible scientists, even the strongest affirmations always begin with "To the best of our scientific knowledge at this time ..." Maybe, given the history of corrections in science (which come slowly), it might be wiser to show a little humility and allow for the possibility of a revision. The 20th century gives a perfect example of how that process works, in the way Quantum Mechanics...(Read Full Article)