Everything Else

For a less faddish, more challenging account of the parlous state of American politics, it's apt to begin with remarks made by Mike Lee at the Heritage Foundation back in April. The Tea Party senator, a key agitator in the shutdown and ongoing ObamaCare saga, took aim at Washington elites for investing their faith in government-appointed organizers, champions of fashionable ideological grievances, in preference to the living, breathing individuals who constitute society.  "Progressives believe the only valid purpose of 'community' is to accomplish the agenda of the state," effused Lee.  "But we know from our own lives that the true purpose of our communities is instead to accomplish everything else." OK, but what of this Everything Else?  Well, it's impossible to categorize, which is its nature, existing as it does beyond all method and theory.  It's instinctual, bound up in the artistic aspects of life -- the doing, how we personally relate...(Read Full Article)