Even Mushroom Clouds Have Silver Linings

Unless you are President Obama, John Kerry, or an Iranian theocrat, the recent Geneva nuclear agreement with Iran looks more perplexing every day.  Questions abound regarding what, if anything, the Iranians actually conceded in Geneva in exchange for significant sanctions relief.  As the answers to those questions trickle in, the situation looks ever more menacing for Israel and Iran's Arab neighbors.  But even as the Iranian deal increases the prospect of a mushroom-clouded future Middle East, certain silver linings are emerging. The deal struck in Geneva is far from settled.  It remains unclear when the clock begins to run on its six-month duration, or what terms were actually finalized.  The respective sides already disagree fundamentally on what terms are in the accord, even before the ink has dried on their signatures.  An interim agreement?  This is more like a preliminary introductory provisional interim...(Read Full Article)